Groupe Renault sales in South America rose by 0.1% despite a market shrinkage of 4.1%, according to auto manufacturer.

The automaker posted a market share of 6.5% in the Americas, up by 0.3 points.

In Brazil, the automakers market share rose by 0.2 points to a record 7.5% on a market that slipped back 19.8% due to performance of the Duster Oroch, according to Renault. In 2017, the region will see releases of the manufacturers range of SUVs, including the Captur, Kwid, Koleos, and Alaskan.

The Renault brand in the Argentinian market saw registrations up by 24.8% against growth of 9.1% in the market as a whole. In Colombia, sales volume and market share hit records of 21.3%.