RMJ Technologies has developed its own patent-pending, fully customizable, and 100% automated fleet driver remediation system, the fleet management provider announced.

Through a custom dashboard, management can monitor the data—already segmented—so that they can see reports on each individual driver or group, according to the company.

“We developed Predictive Coach after countless conversations with fleet and risk managers trying to figure out how to actually remediate poor driving behavior detected by mounds of continuous data and also acknowledge good driving behavior,” said RMJ Technologies CEO Jerome Toliver.

When a driver exhibits poor driving behavior, he or she is assigned one of 47 specific lessons that addresses the specific behavior in question.

“Fleet Managers get overloaded with so much data they find that they don’t know how best to manage problemed drivers in a way that is effective and that doesn’t monopolize their time.  If a driver has a ‘C’ as their driving score, the logical question is ‘Now What?’ Not answering this question efficiently, exposes the organization to a high degree of liability,” Toliver said.