Photo of CX-3 production courtesy of Mazda.

Photo of CX-3 production courtesy of Mazda.

Mazda has expanded production of its CX-3 subcompact SUV by commencing production of the vehicle at a third plant in Asia, the automaker has announced.

Mazda has begun building the CX-3 at the Hofu Plant No. 1, which becomes the third plant to assemble the vehicle in addition to Ujina Plant No. 1 in Hiroshima and AutoAlliance Co. in Thailand. Mazda began production at the Ujina plant in December of 2014 ahead of the vehicle's debut, and later added it to the Thailand plant in October of 2015.

Moving a portion of CX-3 production to Hofu from Ujina enhances the company’s ability to supply the Mazda CX-5 and Mazda CX-9, according to Mazda.

Mazda hopes to create a flexible production system capable of producing up to 50% crossover vehicles as the company works to meet its global sales goal of 1.65 million units.