Photo courtesy of GM.

Photo courtesy of GM.

Buick has begun offering a driver scorecard service to retail customers through General Motors' OnStar platform called Smart Driver, General Motors has announced.

The service is available on most Buick vehicles from the 2015 to 2017 model years.

Much like a fleet manager or fleet driver, Smart Driver customers can log on to to access information about driving behavior, including a driver scorecard, historical scores, hard-braking events, hard acceleration events, high-speed driving percentage, late-night driving percentage, total miles, average fuel economy and miles per hour, comparisons to other drivers, and tips on how to become a smarter driver.

Customers may choose to enroll in the Insurance Discounts Eligibility portion of the service to see if their driving qualifies them for discounts without revealing any personal details to insurance companies.

Participating insurance companies currently include Progressive, Liberty Mutual and Nationwide. Good driving behavior can lead to potential savings of up to 30% on car insurance, according to Buick.