Driving Dynamics Inc. has been named a 2016 award recipient in the 28th annual Awards for Publication Excellence competition. The award, presented in the Education & Training category, was for the custom "Drive@Best" e-lesson developed for a Driving Dynamics global fleet client.

Produced in more than 20 different languages and accessible through desktop and mobile devices, this e-lesson targets the mind and body connection to driving. It explores common personal challenges drivers face which may affect the mind and body in such a way as to prevent safe driving capabilities from being at peak performance levels. Factors such as emotional distress, fatigue, poor nutrition, willingness to accept additional risk and change in health status are among some of the concepts covered.

To further engage learners, an interactive board game was built in as a key deliverable of the lesson. Its components were inspired by classic games that have remained relevant across decades and generations and crossed international boundaries, according to the company.

"Our client's fleet safety experts challenged our development team to bring a new and exciting aspect to their e-lesson experience, one which could be easily implemented and communicated across varied groups," said Art Liggio, Driving Dynamics president. "Our recommendation to gamify the lesson by leveraging the essence of classic board games was highly received by our client’s leadership and delivered to tens of thousands of learners across the globe."