An event view captured for saefty analysis and driver coaching.  Image: SmartDrive

An event view captured for saefty analysis and driver coaching. Image: SmartDrive

The latest release of SmartDrive’s video-based analytics platform and safety program includes new capabilities for capturing and delivering videos, improving the video-coaching process and driver-performance analytics as well as custom policy configurations. 

According to the company, the various enhancements “target high-priority areas for fleets and deliver on top requests from existing customers, providing new levels of productivity and protection with an even faster ROI.” 

SmartDrive listed these as the key improvements of the latest solution release: 

Extended Recording 

  • Extends industry-first capabilities that pair exception-based recording with optional DVR-like recording functionality, providing full situational context to fleets
  • Expands recording duration and provides fleets the option to select from 100 hours (approximately eight days) to 200 hours (approximately sixteen days) of additional video context based on fleet needs
  • Ensures video will not be overwritten, which is critical for fleets that do not return to home locations frequently or are required to maintain more video by regulations like CA PUC General Order 172
  • Protects fleets in costly low impact collisions like side-swipes and backing accidents, and no-impact incidents including security and theft situations, compliance audits, workers

Enhanced Coaching Workflow

  • Usability enhancements optimize coaching process and time spent while maximizing the impact driver coaching sessions
  • Integrated contextual performance metrics throughout the coaching workflow puts KPIs front and center for coaches
  • Driver scorecards with trended performance data, coaching history, and peer benchmarking  pinpoint areas for improvement and facilitate productive coaching sessions
  • “Prep Mode” provides an easy-to-use workflow to facilitate coaching preparation, enabling  coaches to add notes for review by colleagues if necessary or give “kudos” for outstanding driving performance
  • Skills-based or event-based coaching options provide the flexibility to individualize sessions to the needs of the coach or driver

Video On-Demand

  • Mobile support enables coaches to view video away from their desk, providing access when and where they need it most
  • Shopping cart functionality allows fleets to order extended recording or on-demand video immediately when needed or schedule in advance, track the order and receive email status updates
  • Map view of events makes it easy to pinpoint and select appropriate order timeframes
  • Up to 24 hours of video can be ordered, providing fleets broad flexibility to support collision investigations, workers compensation or compliance issues, virtual ride-alongs or security related incidents  

“Our singular focus is helping fleets be safer and more successful with video analytics. With this new release, SmartDrive delivers innovation that offers more— more protection, more insight, more access and more impact to a fleet’s bottom line,” said Steve Mitgang, SmartDrive CEO.  

According to the company, unlike other solutions, accessing the new capabilities does not require a costly “rip and replace” of existing hardware and back-end systems. Instead, leveraging the platform’s open, extensible architecture makes all of the enhancements available to customers within their existing solution footprint, which it said was “further proof of the durability of the financial investment made with SmartDrive.”

Originally posted on Trucking Info