Photo via Wikimedia.

Photo via Wikimedia.

The average price of a gallon of unleaded gasoline fell 1 cent to $2.13 ahead of a Wednesday meeting of oil-producing Middle East nations at a time when gasoline has reached its lowest level in almost a decade, reports AAA.

Gasoline is now seven cents lower than a month ago and nine cents more than a year ago.

Average gas prices are below $2 per gallon in 12 states today including: Missouri ($1.88), Oklahoma ($1.89), Arkansas ($1.90), Kansas ($1.90), Texas ($1.90), Mississippi ($1.93), South Carolina ($1.94), Alabama ($1.94), Tennessee ($1.94), Louisiana ($1.96), Minnesota ($1.98) and Virginia ($1.98), according to AAA.

The West Coast continues to be the most expensive market for gasoline, including the only four states in the nation where drivers are paying more than $2.50 on average, including Hawaii ($2.85), California ($2.67), Washington ($2.60) and Alaska ($2.60).

Federal data mirrors this trend as the average price for a gallon fell one-tenths of a cent to $2.154 per gallon for the week ending Nov. 28. The price is 9.5 cents lower than a year ago, according to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Meanwhile, the average price of diesel fell one-tenths of a cent to $2.42 for the week. Diesel is now one-tenths of a cent lower than a year ago, according to federal data.