Infographic courtesy of Linxup.

Infographic courtesy of Linxup.

Linxup has upgraded its GPS tracking service for customers with devices that operate on the 2G mobile network by providing complimentary 3G device replacement in advance of AT&T's 2G network shutdown in December, the company announced.

Linxup began replacing 2G GPS tracking devices in September in order to ensure their long-term customers don’t experience outages or other problems with their GPS tracking service.

"We began proactively reaching out to customers this fall," said Rosalind Freeman, director of customer success at Linxup. "There were very few customers still using 2G devices, and we have currently swapped out approximately 92% for free."

Linxup stopped selling 2G devices in 2015 in preparation for the planned network shutdown. The company’s customer service specialists personally contacted all clients using 2G devices and provided complimentary 3G device upgrades.

Multiple providers, including AT&T and Sprint, are in the process of shutting down their 2G networks. By providing additional space for 3G and 4G infrastructure, discontinuing 2G coverage will:

  • Increase data capacities, allowing for high resolution streaming and communications.
  • Improve network and data transmission speeds.
  • Enable providers to offer better service and a superior mobile experience.

AT&T will be the first mobile network service provider to complete its 2G wireless network shutdown on Dec. 31. Verizon will shut down their network in December of 2019. T-Mobile plans to convert no earlier than in 2020.

Linxup’s 2G replacement program will be complete in November. No Linxup customers should be affected by AT&T’s 2G network shutdown.