Photo of 2017 LEAF courtesy of Nissan.

Photo of 2017 LEAF courtesy of Nissan.

Nissan has begun selling its 2017 LEAF as a carryover model, following a 2016-model-year update, for at least $31,545, which marks a $1,670 increase for the base model.

Nissan will again offer a trio of LEAF models, including the S, SV and SL that retail for $31,545, $35,065, and $37,655 respectively.

For 2017, Nissan is offering the 30-kWh battery across the model range, meaning even the base LEAF can now achieve 100 miles of range on a single charge. The LEAF can achieve a full charge using a 240-volt Level 2 charging system in about six hours and about 30 minutes with a DC-based fast charger.

The LEAF is powered by an 80-kW AC synchronous motor that generates 107 hp and 187 lb.-ft.