Photo courtest of Wikimedia.

Photo courtest of Wikimedia.

The national average price of regular unleaded remained flat compared to a week ago, following a brief spike caused by some disruptions on the Colonial Pipeline, according to AAA.

Regular gasoline now costs $2.22 per gallon, which is 1 cent higher than a week ago and 4 cents less than a year ago.

Some volatility remains in Southeastern portions of the U.S., where gasoline prices increase after a burst in the pipeline. Line 1 operations were restored on Sunday afternoon after more than a week of downtime following a deadly explosion.It may take a week before affected states see any relief at the pumps, according to AAA.

Average gas prices are below $2 per gallon in four states today including Missouri ($1.93), Oklahoma ($1.94), Arkansas ($1.98) and Kansas ($1.99).

The nation's top ten most expensive markets are: Hawaii ($2.92), California ($2.80), Washington ($2.72), Alaska ($2.63), Oregon ($2.53), Nevada ($2.53), Idaho ($2.46), District of Columbia ($2.44), Pennsylvania ($2.41), New York ($2.40).

The average price as tracked by the U.S. Energy Information Administration increase three-tenths of a cent to $2.33 as of Nov. 7. The price is two-tenths of a cent lower than a year ago.

Meanwhile, the average price of diesel fell nine-tenths of a cent to $2.47. Diesel is now 3.2 cents lower than a year ago.