The expansion of the Ram brand outside of North America continues with the introduction of the new Ram 1200, a metric ton pickup truck revealed in Dubai, UAE. 

The Ram 1200 joins a lineup of larger Ram trucks, and its debut gives the brand greater access to the truck segment in the Middle East, according to the automaker.

“The launch of this metric ton pickup truck is the next step in our expansion of the Ram brand,” said Robert Hegbloom, head of Ram Brand International, FCA US LLC. “This is all part of our plan to develop a solid strategy to expand the Ram Truck brand’s presence in key markets outside of North America."

The Ram 1200 will launch in 2017 in both Single and Double Cab configurations, with three trim levels and a variety of gasoline and diesel engines, according to the automaker.

The payload capacity of the Ram 1200 is up to 1,165 kg, and it can tow up to 3 metric tons, according to the automaker.

Photo: Ram

Photo: Ram

In the Middle East, the Ram 1200 will be available with two engine options: a 2.5L diesel with a power output of 126 hp to 134 hp or a 2.4L gasoline engine that delivers 130 hp. A manual gearbox is the standard configuration for both the diesel and petrol engines. An optional automatic transmission will be available, according to the automaker.

Ram said it will offer the Ram 1200 in a 4×2 version (rear-wheel drive) as well as a 4×4 version (all-wheel drive). All 4×4 versions are equipped with a manual or, on automatic versions, an electronic selector that makes it possible to engage the all-wheel drive in part-time mode.

The 4WD Electronic Selector has three driving positions: “2H” (optimal roads) with rear-wheel drive; “4H,” selectable for speeds up to 100 km/hr, distributing traction to all four drive wheels for safer driving on sandy or unpaved tracks; and “4L,” which provides low-range gearing for extreme off-road conditions, according to the automaker.