New details have emerged about Apple's decision to drastically scale back its plans to develop an autonomous vehicle in a Bloomberg report that outlines the lack of upheaval in the tech giant's Project Titan business unit.

Following multiple changes in leadership, layoffs, and reassignments, Apple has given the unit until the end of 2017 to determine the feasibility of developing an autonomous car. Apple could eventually license an autonomous driving system to an automaker or proceed with development of the car, according to the report. The company declined to comment on the report.

As first reported by the New York Times in early September, Project Titan saw several leadership changes in the two years of growth of the project. The team was led by Steve Zadesky, a former Ford Motor Co. engineer and early iPod designer; Dan Riccio, who engineered refreshes of the iPhone, iPad and Mac; and Bob Mansfield, who helped develop the first iPad.