WEX Inc., a global provider of corporate payments solutions, has announced that it has completed the successful conversion and migration of ExxonMobil’s fleet card customers in Hong Kong and Macau. These customers have shifted from a legacy platform to WEX’s International Fleet Card System (IFCS). As a result, the company said it is now providing a strategic fleet card management solution for ExxonMobil in these markets. WEX also provides fleet card management in Guam, Saipan, and Singapore.

This WEX offering incorporates card processing capabilities along with integrated collections, credit and customer service. In support of this program, WEX has established a multilingual call center in Australia. This call center is designed to support customer service across all of these markets.

“WEX offers modern, customizable architecture with great flexibility in answering customer needs for today and the future,” said George Hogan, international senior vice president at WEX. “The range of products we offer in the Southeast Asia region is just the beginning. We look forward to expanding the use of the proven capabilities and flexibility of the IFCS fuel card platform in additional markets around the world.”