ALD Automotive and its strategic North American partner Wheels Inc., signed a partnership agreement with Arrend Leasing, a Guatemala-based car leasing company covering four markets in Central America.

Arrend Leasing is a company that has been operating for 23 years on the market, customized to many companies all across the Latin America region. Based in Guatemala, it provides regional coverage in Central America with a presence in Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. With this agreement, ALD Automotive said it will be able to provide service in these four countries.

The partnership reinforces ALD Automotive’s presence in Latin America after the recent opening in Chile and Peru and the agreement with AutoCorp in Argentina last June, according to the company. With its network of partners in Australia and New Zealand (Fleet Partners), in Ireland (J&P), in South Africa (Absa), in Argentina (AutoCorp) and now in Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala with Arrend Leasing, the global alliance of ALD Automotive and Wheels offers broad geographical coverage, representing 1.6 million vehicles worldwide in 53 countries.