Lytx has introduced the Unisyn platform, a video telematics model that provides always-recording video access to fleets and field operations of all sizes and profiles, according to the company.

“Our award-winning DriveCam program has been the gold standard for exception-based video safety programs for coaching drivers, and nothing changes—it will continue to serve clients who want video captured solely upon triggered events,” said Brandon Nixon, Lytx Chairman and CEO. “But for some organizations, another priority is visibility into their fleet and field operations in a way that can be tailored to their business intelligence needs.”

The new Unisyn platform can be used with the DriveCam platform for fleets that wish to take advantage of their complementary benefits—using DriveCam’s exception-based video to help prevent collisions through coaching, and Unisyn’s always-on video to track, monitor, and act on fleet and field operations.

The Unisyn platform features access to up to seven days—or more, depending on the user-chosen resolution—of cloud-connected video. Organizations can access, review, and manage video from their fleets and field operations when, where, and how they want, in real time, or a few days after an incident has occurred.

“For some fleets, safety may be balanced against operational efficiency and/or security priorities, which can be addressed through the ability to observe and track vehicles in all aspects of their day,” said Nixon. “In DriveCam, we’re focusing on the driver, and with Unisyn our primary focus is the fleet operations.”

The Unisyn platform uses hardware and wireless network technology to integrate and synchronize high-definition video from as many cameras as the client wishes, including forward-facing, side view, side-mirror, rear view, cargo interior, dock, warehouse, and interior cameras. The resulting video and telematics data can be accessed from the cloud in real time or on demand, from virtually any cloud-connected device including iOS and Android mobile devices.

Unisyn users will be able to configure the system to fit their fleet needs, according to Lytx. Fleets will be able to tailor their program through options controlling event recorder sensitivity, customizable video tags, and video retrieval policies, helping them find the footage they need.