Risk management solutions provider SambaSafety is collaborating with First Advantage, a pre-employment screening company, and is offering its continuous driver monitoring services to the company, which allows its customers manage and track the performance of its drivers.

“The SambaSafety solution has all the critical driver information our customers need to quickly identify high-risk drivers, reduce accidents, and lower the likelihood of out-of-service orders,” said Mark Carlson VP of sales – tax and fleet solutions for First Advantage. “It’s easy to use, cost-effective and represents the industry exemplar.”

SambaSafety’s solution continuously monitors individual drivers, automatically identifying new violations and alerting management to high-risk driving behavior. For clients operating DOT regulated fleets, the initial driver risk profile contributes to the Driver Qualification File to maintain compliance. These fleets also have the ability to synchronize pre-hire and post-hire driver records into driver qualification files to ensure compliant and safe drivers.

The solution utilizes Samba DriverScore, which uses a common coding system for violations that go beyond conventional motor vehicle records (MVRs) to provide an innovative driver safety assessment.

“First Advantage continually strives to offer more value to its customers. This partnership enables their customers to reduce accidents, control insurance costs, enforce driver policies, and lower the risk associated with risky driving behavior,” said Chris McKay, president of SambaSafety. “We are very proud to partner with not only a leader, but a pioneer in the pre-employment industry.”