Photo of 2016 Mirai courtesy of Toyota.

Photo of 2016 Mirai courtesy of Toyota.

The retail price of Toyota's Mirai fuel cell sedan will remain at $58,365 before rebates for the 2017 model year, and the company will also offer the vehicle on a three-year lease, Toyota has announced.

The Mirai is eligible for several rebates, which can bring the vehicle's price to near $45,000. A federal $8,000 tax credit and $5,000 California rebate would bring the retail price to $45,365.

Toyota is not currently offering published fleet incentives for the vehicle.

The Mirai is also available to retail lessees on a "trailblazer lease" of $349 per month for 36 months with $2,499 due at signing and a 12,000-per-year mileage cap. Purchasers can take advantage of an APR of 0% for 60 months or 1.9% for 72 months. Toyota is offering "trailblazer purchase support" of $7,500.

The Mirai enters its second model year in 2017 with only one update — the addition of a new exterior color called Atmospheric Blue to go with the existing choices of Celestial Black, Elemental Silver, and Nautical Blue.

Other carryovers for owners include three years of complimentary fuel, three years of complimentary Safety Connect and Entune with a hydrogen station finder app, three years of around-the-clock customer support, complimentary rental service for seven days a year for three years, roadside assistance, complimentary maintenance for three years or 35,000 miles, and an eight-year or 1000,000 mile warranty on key components such as the fuel cell stack, power control unit, hydrogen tanks, hybrid battery pack, hybrid control module, and hydrogen fueling ECU.

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