Photo courtesy of Nissan.

Photo courtesy of Nissan.

The City of New Orleans may soon be adding electrified vehicles (EVs) to its fleet after city council adopted a resolution to encourage the use of EVs earlier this month. The resolution states that the city will install EV fast chargers on public property, consider incorporating EVs into the city fleet, incentivize installation of fast chargers in parking lots, and study policies to encourage use of EVs and remove barriers to EV ownership.

These initiatives are designed to accomplish the environmental goals detailed in the city’s Master Plan.

"With growing concerns surrounding the amount of emissions produced on a daily basis, I am working with my colleagues, administration, neighborhood organizations and citizens to ensure that our city is taking the appropriate steps towards a greener future for all," said Councilmember Nadine Ramsey. "Through collaboration of these parties, we aim to create a more sustainable, eco-friendly New Orleans."

Originally posted on Government Fleet