Graphic courtesy of BMW.

Graphic courtesy of BMW.

ChargePoint has installed 95 DC electric vehicle charging stations alongside heavily populated routes on the East Coast and West Coast as part of a collaborative initiative between BMW and Volkswagen, BMW has announced.

The charging stations are located along Interstate 95, which runs from Florida to New England; Interstate 5, which runs parallel to the Pacific Ocean from Canada to Mexico; and U.S. Route 101, which runs from Southern California to the Seattle area.

Each charging location offers either 50-kW or 24-kW DC charging for EVs that offer DC Fast charging capability. All stations are publicly available.

The chargers are positioned both within and between metropolitan areas and they are spaced approximately 50 miles apart. The corridors are designed to make longer distance EV travel easier, with faster charging time than standard Level 2 public charging. Drivers can locate ChargePoint stations online.