Continental will show two new safety technologies at the IAA Commercial Vehicles exhibition in Hannover, Germany, in late September, including a radar system and a head-up display.

The company’s new high-resolution long-range radar system distinguishes between static and moving objects. It can detect pedestrians even when they’re partially obscured by a vehicle, adding to its accident prevention abilities, according to the company. The system will initiate automatic breaking in an emergency, and the sensor can still detect objects reliably even when visibility is poor.

The system also features a forward collision warning system which warns the driver audibly and visually before an imminent collision, and a cruise control system that automatically adjusts speed to safely follow vehicles in front of the car, according to the company.

Continental’s head-up display projects a color image of important driving information into the driver’s field of vision. Manufacturers can choose from four versions: Continental offers the display as a windshield or a combiner HUD, but customers can also choose to have the display shown in the upper or lower field of view (look-up or look-down concept).

Depending on the available sources, the choices range from speed, navigation instructions and traffic sign warnings such as no passing zones and speed limits, to distance warnings, gas tank levels and the driving time remaining until the next break. Drivers get all the information in their field of view and don’t have to take their eyes off the road, as is the case with a conventional instrument cluster.