Photo of Mazda CX-5 courtesy of Mazda.

Photo of Mazda CX-5 courtesy of Mazda.

Mazda is recalling 575,381 2010-2013 model-year Mazda3, 2012-2015 MY Mazda5, 2013-2016 MY CX-5, and 2016 MY CX-3 vehicles in the U.S. to address a rear hatch corrosion problem that poses a safety risk.

An insufficient level of anti-corrosion protective coating was applied to the rear hatch lift supports, Mazda explained in a released statement. Consequently, water containing road salt that enters the area can cause corrosion. Over time, worsening corrosion may eventually cause these lift supports to break when the rear hatch is opened.

This condition creates a safety issue. The rear hatch might drop suddenly, or broken parts might hit someone, Mazda said. However, the automaker noted, there have been no reports of accidents or injuries tied to the problem.

Dealers will replace the lift supports, free of charge, to fix the problem.