Photo courtesy of Emrill.

Photo courtesy of Emrill.

Emrill, a facilities management provider in the UAE, signed a four year deal with Hertz rental to improve efficiency in fleet management, the company said.

Through this deal, Emrill will receive the UAE’s car fleet of 180 vehicles, including buses, vans, and patrol vehicles. With vehicle tracking, defensive driver training, ENOC VIP fuel payments, and a new fuel efficient fleet, Emrill has already improved vehicle utilization for pick-up and drop-off routes, decreased vehicle idle times, and reduced transportation costs by up to 15%, according to the company. 

Both companies are committed to promoting road safety through a “one road to safety” campaign, according to Emrill. The initiative targets the behaviors of vehicle drivers and passengers. The drivers will go through an assessed defensive driver training course to increase road safety awareness, along with medical tests to ensure fitness to drive. Campaigns remind passengers to wear seatbelts and avoid distractions to drivers and other road users.

Emrill measures its driver safety standards by monitoring the number of own fault accidents per 100,000 kilometers driven. With 21 branches across the UAE, Hertz will provide Emrill with 24/7 roadside assistance for breakdowns and service queries.