Photo of Subaru Outback courtesy of Subaru.

Photo of Subaru Outback courtesy of Subaru.

Subaru of America is recalling 99 Subaru Outbacks in the 2017 model year because of potential vehicle stability and braking problems tied to loose bolts, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

These Outback vehicles were manufactured June 20-23 of this year. They may have improperly tightened attaching bolts for the front left and right brake calipers, wheel hubs, and the right stabilizer clamp, NHTSA said.

If these bolts loosen or detach, the related components would also become loose and might detach. The vehicle might become unstable and braking capability might diminish as a result, posing a crash risk.

Dealers will inspect the bolts for proper torque and replace any loose bolts. There will be no charge for this service.

The recall began on Aug. 8. Vehicle owners can reach Subaru customer service at (800) 782-2783. Subaru’s number for this recall is WTE-66.