Photo of Mirai courtesy of Toyota.

Photo of Mirai courtesy of Toyota.

Hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles have logged 1 million miles through FirstElement's True Zero fueling network in California, the fuel vendor reported.

True Zero opened its first fueling station nine months ago, according to a release.

The bulk of the miles have come from Toyota rollout of its Mirai fuel cell sedan. Honda plans to offer its Clarity fuel cell cell sedan in the fall. Hyundai has also been leasing its Tucson Fuel Cell compact SUV.

Between November 2015 and May, True Zero built 15 hydrogen stations throughout California, 14 of which are open for retail fueling. The True Zero network of hydrogen-charging stations spans from Lake Tahoe through the San Francisco Bay Area and down into Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Orange counties, including a hydrogen-charging station off Interstate 5 at Harris Ranch.

The network will soon expand into San Diego, where True Zero recently broke ground. Linde also operates a retail hydrogen-charging station in Sacramento, which helps connect the major metropolitan regions of California.

This first phase of the True Zero Hydrogen Network was developed as a result of grant funding from the California Energy Commission as well as additional funds provided by Toyota, Honda, the South Coast AQMD and the Bay Area AQMD.