Screenshot courtesy of ARI.

Screenshot courtesy of ARI.

ARI has begun offering the Fleet Health Card, an analytical tool that helps fleet managers identify problematic vehicles that have the biggest impact on cost and reliability.

The ARI Fleet Health Card captures data from the fleet in real-time to measure spend, utilization/reliability, preventive maintenance and fuel to track a vehicle’s relative and comparative performance.

The tool allows users to see their fleet statistically distributed over a curve and empowers them to use real-time data to benchmark vehicles against the rest of their fleet as well as other fleets. Users can also drill into the Spend category and manage it more effectively in five different categories:

  • Cost per mile, vehicle cost per month and maintenance cost per gallon: Spotlights higher spend and fleet distribution from the median.
  • 5-year history over fleet performance: Analyzes inventory movement, cumulative fleet maintenance and mileage.
  • Fleet asset summary: Shows the asset type, number of units and spend amounts.
  • Vehicle spend per repair category: Details preventive maintenance, unscheduled maintenance, and rentals.
  • Repair categories: Focuses on costs affiliated with 13 major repair areas and indicates spend that has not yet occurred.

In the coming months, ARI Fleet Health Card users will be able to drill down into data in the utilization/reliability, preventive maintenance and fuel categories.