The 2016 Road Safety Steering Group. Photo: How's My Driving?

The 2016 Road Safety Steering Group. Photo: How's My Driving?

How’s My Driving? is a UK Social Enterprise company that reinvests any profit from its sticker scheme back into national road safety projects. This year How’s My Driving? is celebrating its 21st anniversary and to commemorate this special occasion, a Road Safety Steering Group has been created to allocate grants of up to £2,500 (US$3,239) to turn innovative ideas into viable road safety projects.

The committee consists of logistic industry experts who are volunteering for a 12-month tenure of service, enabling all client companies who wish to be involved an opportunity to serve. The purpose of the steering group is to drive forward road safety culture by supporting ideas from members of the public who wish to improve road safety in their community. 

Subash Ludhra, former president of IOSH and current chairman of the steering committee, said: “It’s important that the group focuses its efforts on using the grants for educational purposes, enabling the money to have a positive impact on local communities as well as the wider road safety sector.”

2016 has already How’s My Driving? team up with youngsters in Wales for a youth film project to raise awareness of road safety risks getting to and from school. However, the group are still encouraging clubs, schools, individuals as well as not-for-profit groups to apply with ideas of how the grant can aid their community. For more information on the Steering Group or how to apply for one of the remaining road safety grants go to or e-mail: [email protected]