Photo of Sprinter Worker courtesy of Mercedes-Benz.

Photo of Sprinter Worker courtesy of Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz is expanding its Sprinter Worker lineup with additional chassis, engine, and body configurations geared toward the contracting, delivery and transportation service industries, the company announced.

The Sprinter Worker will retail for $33,490 — the same entry price for the initial Sprinter Worker model announced in February at the Chicago Auto Show.

Commercial buyers of the Sprinter Worker can now purchase the van with the 170-inch wheelbase and high-roof cargo model. Mercedes-Benz will also begin offering the 3.0L V-6 BlueTec diesel.

The initial Sprinter Worker offered a standard roof, 144-inch length, and the 2.1L inline-four cylinder diesel.

Three option packages remain available, including the Convenience Package for $1,499, Utility Package for $2,999, and Overtime Package for $4,499.