Photo courtesy of GM.

Photo courtesy of GM.

Chevrolet has sold 100,000 Volt plug-in hybrids in nearly six years of producing the vehicle, a development the company said shows that plug-in electric vehicles have "truly become mainstream."

The 2016 Volt entered its second generation with several improvements, including offering an EPA-estimated 53 miles of electric driving and a total range of 420 miles.

Since sales of the Volt began, owners have driven almost 1.5 billion miles in EV mode and 2.5 billion total miles, according to GM.

The second-generation Volt improves fuel economy to 106 mpg-e and 42 mpg with a lighter chassis. The 2016 Volt is 220 pounds lighter than the first-generation model and delivers 19% stronger 0-30 mph electric acceleration while providing 39% greater pure EV range