TomTom has announced that TomTom City – a traffic portal that provides live traffic and travel information – has now been extended to 50 global cities, including two in South Africa. The traffic portal showcases the range of traffic information available on a city-by-city basis and provides a platform to connect traffic authorities, businesses, and citizens to jointly manage sustainable and efficient mobility.

TomTom City launched in April this year with 25 cities Istanbul has received the most visits overall. The addition of 25 further cities means that over 30 million more people can now benefit from the service from as far afield as Johannesburg, Oslo, and Melbourne, according to the company.

As the number of connected vehicles on the road increases over the coming years with the emergence of semi- and highly-automated driving, TomTom City will offer new ways to manage city mobility. Drivers and professionals involved in traffic management can make smarter decisions to avoid delays on the road and reduce congestion for everyone, according to the company.

TomTom City is accessible from any internet enabled computer, tablet or smartphone and provides freely accessible content showing live traffic status and incidents and other driver-based information in cities.

Cities added to TomTom City, include:

  • Africa: Johannesburg (ZAF), Pretoria (ZAF)
  • Asia: Ankara (TUR),
  • Americas: Austin (USA), Curitiba (BR), Edmonton (CA)
  • Australia/Oceania: Melbourne (AUS), Wellington (NZL)
  • Europe: Frankfurt (DE), Glasgow (UK), Hamburg (DE), Helsinki (FI), Lisbon (PT), Madrid (ESP), Manchester (UK), Namur (BE), Naples (IT), Oslo (NO), Rotterdam (NL), Stockholm (SE), Strasbourg (FR), Turin (IT), Vienna (AT), Warsaw (PL), Zurich (CH)