Photo courtesy of Green Commuter.

Photo courtesy of Green Commuter.

Green Commuter will introduce Tesla Model X vehicles to its vanpool and car share service. The battery-electric seven-passenger SUVs will be used by workers to commute to and from their jobs during rush hour and offered as car share vehicles for all Green Commuter members the rest of the time, using Green Commuter‘s app for scheduling.

“Gasoline vanpool vehicles are very polluting, usually with ratings from 12 to 18 MPG in real-life driving conditions,” said Green Commuter CEO Gustavo Occiuzzo. “We're the first to use only zero-emissions vehicles instead.”

Simultaneous with its August 2 inauguration, Green Commuter said it will launch an Indiegogo campaign offering its services at steeply discounted rates to jump start the Green Commuter community. Packages start at $10 an hour and $150 per weekend rental.

Vanpool users will be able to lease the vehicles on a monthly basis, with total commuting costs comparable to, or cheaper than, current vanpools that use standard vans or SUVs.  Currently there are more than 1,500 vanpools with a destination point in Los Angeles County, and there are about 3,000 vanpools across the Greater Los Angeles region, according to the company. 

Occhiuzzo said the company chose the Tesla Model X for the Green Commuter program because it’s the only all-electric vehicle currently available that meets vanpool criteria, including seating for seven passengers and a battery capacity sufficient for long-range driving.