Photo courtesy of XL Hybrids.

Photo courtesy of XL Hybrids.

Fleets who deploy XL Hybrids vans for delivery or service uses in California can now defray the cost of the conversion with a $2,500 voucher, the company has announced.

The California Air Resources Board has granted eligibility for the company's General Motors vans equipped with its XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System under the California Heavy Duty Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP). XL Hybrids offers conversions of GM's 2500 and 3500 passenger and cargo vans.

Under the voucher, businesses and organizations can recieve up to 100 vouchers of $2,500 for each van converted to operate as a gasoline-electric hybrid in the state. The second 100 vehicles would receive $2,000 vouchers.

The converted vans must have less than 3,500 miles to be eligible for the program.

"Our XL3 Hybrid System is especially effective for fleets in urban settings and vehicles in stop-and-go traffic, delivering immediate fuel savings and sustainability benefits to corporate fleets," said Ed Lovelace, chief technology officer for XL Hybrids. "HVIP eligibility also establishes that CARB recognizes the value of hybrid electric conversions as a catalyst towards meeting the long-range greenhouse gas reduction and air quality goals."

XL Hybrids manages the conversion process for fleets that take advantage of HVIP vouchers. The vans upfitted with the XL3 system through partner installation facilities across California. Once the conversion is completed, XL Hybrids submits the voucher paperwork on behalf of the fleet, according to the company.