The Volkswagen Group and LG Electronics are working together to research and develop a next-generation connected car platform.

The companies signed a memorandum of understanding on joint research and development and will work together on Volkswagen's Cross-Over-Platform, which is aimed at enhanced vehicle connectivity and convenience, according to Volkswagen. 

Developments in the coming years include technologies that allow drivers to control and monitor smart devices in their homes while on the road and a context-sensitive notification center that can deliver messages safely to drivers, according to the automaker.

"Volkswagen is pressing on with the digitalization of its brands. Our focus in doing so is always on our customers. For them, comfort, safety and energy efficiency play a central role. LG is a strong, reliable partner in the implementation of new features and one of the drivers of innovation in the networked household. We look forward to working with LG and to developing in [the] future simple, easy-to-use smart home solutions for our customers integrated into our vehicle systems," said Thomas Form, head of electronics and vehicle research for Volkswagen.

At the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, the two companies showcased a smart home system that could be controlled remotely from a vehicle.