While it already has a presence in Brazil, Chile, and Peru, Argentina was a "missing link" in ALD Automotive's regional offering. To extend its presence in the region, ALD has partnered with Autocorp in Argentina.

As a function of its partnership with ALD Automotive, Autocorp will help ALD Automotive extend its global offering in the Argentine fleet market.

“They obviously have extensive knowledge in how to deal with the market specifics – Argentina has very high interest rates, for example. We are betting on future growth in Argentina; the economic situation is still a bit chaotic, but when things improve, we will be ready, thanks to our new partnership," said Stephane Renie, sales & marketing director at ALD International.

ALD Automotive said it expects that having presence in Argentina will allow the company to attract business from international clients operating in the South American country.

The agreement is expected to commence in 2017 and be fully implemented by 2018.