Photo courtesy of Workhorse Group Inc.

Photo courtesy of Workhorse Group Inc.

Workhorse Group Inc. will begin offering its E-Gen hybrid delivery trucks with BMW's i3 range-extender solution to produce more on-board electricity that will extend the range of the delivery vehicle, the company announced.

BMW's range-extender (REx) solution is powered by a 647-cc two-cylinder gasoline engine that engages when the battery level drops to a pre-determined state-of-charge, and produces electricity to extend the range of the Workhorse E-Gen delivery vehicle.

The Workhorse E-Gen vehicles are used by last mile delivery companies such as UPS and others.

"The use of the BMW REx will further strengthen our customers’ fuel efficiencies and maintenance savings while continuing to eliminate range anxiety often found with battery-electric vehicles," said Steve Burns, Workhorse founder and CEO. "We are excited and very proud to be integrating the integrity, character and proven performance of the BMW REx powertrain into our Workhorse E-Gen vehicles."