Photo of the Alliance AutoGas 2016 Annual Member Meeting courtesy of Alliance AutoGas.

Photo of the Alliance AutoGas 2016 Annual Member Meeting courtesy of Alliance AutoGas.

The U.S. market for propane autogas has been very active in recent years, with the fuel garnering better name recognition and new and returning fleet customers putting more vehicles on the road. Fleet managers are aggressively adding alternative-fuel vehicles to their fleets, including autogas-powered vehicles, primarily due to savings associated with its use, as well as the availability of Federal Tax Credits and a desire to lower emissions. Alliance AutoGas is the first, complete, comprehensive propane autogas program with great success throughout North America. The Alliance AutoGas program continues to appeal to both national and local fleets alike.

Driving alternative fuel growth in their industry, Alliance AutoGas and its extended partners, comprised of more than 120 independent propane marketers and authorized conversion center members in 48 US states plus Canada, met for its 2016 Annual Member Meeting in mid- May. Held at the AutoGas Research & Technology Center in Asheville, NC, attendees came from throughout the Alliance network including Delaware, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New York State, Connecticut, Washington State, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, Northern California, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Missouri, Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia and Tennessee.

The diverse group of members actively discussed relevant topics to the Alliance and the industry including: Alliance Engineered Fuel System & Advancements; Addressing Law Enforcement Agencies and Municipal Fleets; Fleet Success Throughout the Country Based on Platform Development; New Advancements in Refueling Technology and Data Management; New Tank Evaporation Systems for Propane Marketers and Conversion Centers; new Technology in Alliance Small Engine Systems and the Direction of Alliance AutoGas and the Autogas Market in the US.

New ideas, innovation and quality, state of-the-art alternative fuel technologies, all hallmarks of Alliance AutoGas over the years, were acknowledged by the members. Dan Richardson of Conger LP Gas notes, “The Alliance Autogas meeting was a great chance to hear the latest developments happening not only within our industry, but also within our alliance. Propane marketers from all over the nation attended and for our company, these meetings provided a chance for us to network with other progressive, like-minded companies and hear their success stories. For me, it was a chance to re-focus on where Conger LP Gas, Inc. can be with autogas sales in the future and to see some of the new ideas available to grow our business.”

Adds Trent Nagata, Superior Plus Energy Services, “The annual member meeting was a wealth of knowledge in terms of the progress Alliance Autogas had made to develop and deliver the simplest, most customer-focused, turnkey autogas solutions in the industry. The additional autogas-related "gap" tools Alliance Autogas has developed along with the future vision of where the industry is heading made the meeting time definitely well spent.”

Harris Baker of Pinnacle Propane further says,” Through constant innovation and development of great solutions that benefit Pinnacle Propane’s success in promoting autogas and alternative fuels, Alliance AutoGas provides its members safe, successful, supported promotion and adoption of autogas making it easy, efficient and economically viable for all stakeholders.”