Donlen has begun offering its Violation Management program to help fleets save up to 80% compared with traditional violation processing methods, the fleet management company announced.

"Our program is a proactive solution for violation management with transfer of liability directly to the driver for most violations," said Kim Howard, Donlen licensing services manager. "By switching from the pay and collect model, transfer of liability eliminates the need to seek reimbursement from drivers and can significantly reduce overall violation spend."

Donlen's new Violation Management program reduces risk and cuts costs for fleets by automatically linking violations with the drivers who are responsible and transferring liability for violations directly to the drivers who incur them. With Violation Management, transfer of liability is possible for approximately 80% of violations. When transfer of liability is not an option, Donlen's program will pay the issuing authority on receipt and seek reimbursement from the driver directly.

"With Violation Management violations are paid before penalty escalation, and reimbursement is sought from the driver first without the need for any fleet involvement," said Howard.

In addition to cost savings from eliminating the burden and expense of processing violations internally, fleets benefit from the robust reporting package with Violation Management that increases visibility into behavior linked to driver safety, such as red light and speed camera violations, according to the company.

Violation Management complements Donlen's existing DonlenPass Toll Management program to provide customers a comprehensive solution that address all manner of fleet violations with the end goal of minimizing risk and realizing savings.