Together for Safer Roads (TSR), a coalition of global private sector companies, has released a road safety report for commercial fleets that outlines safe practices for employees, partners and contractors managing transportation programs.

The report stems from global data that shows between 25% to 33% of road crashes are work-related and 36% of occupational deaths are due to crashes. Employers incur costs of $518 billion per year due to road traffic collisions, according to the group.

"The World Health Organization has identified road safety as a major global public health challenge," said Carlos Brito, chairman of TSR and chief executive officer of AB InBev. "Whether it be driving a truck, car, motorcycle, or bicycle, safety is our priority. Our involvement in TSR is an extension of this commitment and an opportunity to share best practices with other global leaders."

The report identifies five pillars of road safety, including Road Safety Management, Safer Roads and Mobility, Safet Vehicles, Safer Road Users, and Post-Crash Response. The group lists 14 steps to advance road safety and guide companies toward safer operations.

"Whether it is part of their service, how their goods get to market, or how their employees and communities move to and from work, road safety should be important to every company," said Peter Hancock, vice chairman of TSR, and president and chief executive officer of AIG. "Through TSR, we're able to come together, share our knowledge and expertise, and ultimately help make a sustainable difference in reducing the number of deaths and injuries worldwide."

Don Slager, governing board member of TSR and chief executive officer of Republic Services, added, “Road safety starts at the top and engages every employee, contractor, and partner we have. It is our top priority to foster an environment that provides ongoing road safety education.”

Read the full report here.