Photo via Solmove.

Photo via Solmove.

German startup Solmove has been experimenting with a solar-paneled flexible glass carpet that could be installed in pathways or parking lots and will showcase the solar roads it has been developing this May in Berlin.

A demonstration of the flexible glass carpet filled with solar cells will be feaured at a site near Berlin's Haus der Zukunft. The solar glass carpets were designed for footpaths, cycle lanes, and flat roofs, according to Fast Company.

Solmove's ruggedized glass surface deflects light onto the solar cells, which harnesses energy at an efficiency of about 10% to 15%.

"You will not see it really, though you might feel it if you drive over it," said Donald Müller-Judex, the founder of Solmove. "And we can use the energy for lighting the street and traffic management."