Photo courtesy of Best Buy.

Photo courtesy of Best Buy.

Best Buy has added 1,000 Toyota Prius C hybrids to its Geek Squad fleet to replace the Volkswagen Beetle cars in a fleet that logs more than 13,000 daily trips to service electronics at residences.

The subcompact Prius C "Geekmobile" is Toyota's entry-level Prius model that delivers an EPA-rated 53 miles per gallon in the city and 46 mpg on the highway. Best Buy has also updated its Geek Squad logo.

Bust Buy expects the Prius C to produce half the emissions of the previous vehicle, which will help the company meet its goal to reduce carbon emissions by 45% by 2020, according to the company.

The new logo helps the company signal its evolution of the Geek Squad program, which rolled out nationally in 2004. The program now counts more than 20,000 agents who make 5 million house calls a year and drive 12.6 million miles.

"Today's Geek Squad agents are more likely to help clients with a new home theater experience, improve Wi-Fi performance or install a security solution than they are to fix the family computer," said Geek Squad Chief Inspector Nate Bauer. "The new Geekmobile and refreshed logo reflect how we continue to evolve along with technology."

Geek Squad agents help optimize home theater systems, create home networks, and install smart home products. The move has been embraced by Toyota as a way to

"Toyota is excited to partner with Best Buy and to supply the Geek Squad with a fleet of Prius C vehicles," said Doug Coleman, Toyota's national vehicle marketing and communications manager of advanced technology vehicles. "This partnership provides Toyota with an opportunity to expose the Prius C to thousands of new consumers from coast to coast each and every day."

The Geek Squad fleet consists of about 3,900 vehicles, including about 1,170 Geekmobiles and about 2,700 Chevrolet and Ford vans. The new Prius cars will replace 1,065 Beetles.