BYD Company Ltd. has launched two battery-electric sedans: the Qin EV300, coming in four versions with prices ranging from 259,800 to 309,800 Chinese Yuan (US$40,098 to US$47,815) ; and the e5, coming in three versions with prices ranging from 229,800 to 249,800 Chinese Yuan (US$35,468 to US$38,555). Both models have a 300km driving range, although in testing the Qin EV300, managed to drive 349.5 km on a single charge, according to the company.

The Qin EV300 is equipped with BYD’s high-efficiency, high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor, with a maximum power of 160kW and maximum torque of 310Nm, and features regenerative braking system. The model also features BYD’s Insta-Pure Technology, a function that purifies the air in the interior of the vehicle by quickly lowering PM2.5 values.

Both the Qin EV300 and the e5 are equipped with athe VtoL function, in which the vehicle serves as a massive mobile electricity supply to power appliances such cookers, refrigerators, power tools and many others, so that users can rely on the vehicle to plan outdoor activities that depend on electricity, or in case of emergencies such as power cuts or blackouts, according to the company.

Another feature BYD said it has added is to combine journey, charging, transportation and Internet fields together by establishing partnerships with industrial players and create an EV ecosystem. Such partnerships include Chinese e-commerce giant JD; charging terminal company Huashang Sanyou; Didi, China’s Uber counterpart; and, a top quality web platform for consumers to know about EVF trends, new technologies and policies, and help them to find their most suitable EV.