A Michigan couple, their sons, and Marcus Automotive have developed an autonomous braking system (ABS) that would embed radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in vehicles and in the roadway to enhance safety.

The system is activated by three "passive information strips" that are glued to or embedded in the roadbed ahead of the signs for braking zones, according to a report from Michigan Live.

The "early warning intersection device" (EWID) uses similar RFID technology that has been used to keep track of inventory in the trucking and warehousing industry. For the system to work, an RFID antenna on the front bumper of the vehicle is programmed to turn on the vehicle's braking system.

An on-board computer would then warn drivers when the vehicle is approaching a stop sign, and it can be set up to activate a warning light on the dashboard.

The ABS can be modified in different ways to alert the driver, including when a driver is approaching a construction or school zone. The pavement strips could be applied to road surfaces near stop signs or school zones.