Jetex, a privately held company headquartered in Dubai, UAE that provides its clients with luxury global aviation services in 260 global locations, announced the newest fleet of airport shuttle vehicles, Rolls-Royce Phantom models, for its Dubai World Central (DWC)-based fixed base operator (FBO).

The previous Rolls-Royce Ghost fleet will be upgraded to three Black Rolls Royce Phantoms. The Rolls-Royce Phantom fleet was chosen to signify the level of luxury with which Jetex said it aims to serve their VIP client base.

"An FBO not only requires a luxurious lounge, meeting rooms, and reception, but also a way for our VIP clientele to reach their jets quickly, luxuriously, and comfortably. And, I believe, that the Rolls-Royce Phantom is the best contender for all three" said Jetex CEO and President Adel Mardini.

This is a modest first step for a new Jetex experience at its Dubai-based FBO, which encompasses a full-scale rebuild of the facilities in order to offer a Royal-Ready experience, according to the company. The new facilities will be available to serve heads of state, royalty, and other VIP passengers arriving at and departing from Dubai starting in May 2016.