Photo courtesy of Honda.

Photo courtesy of Honda.

Honda has started selling its hydrogen-powered Clarity Fuel Cell sedan in Japan, the automaker has announced.

The vehicle's 70 MPa high-pressure hydrogen storage tank enables a cruising range of roughly 466 miles. This is an increase of approximately 30% compared with the previous FCV model, according to the company. The vehicle’s hydrogen tank can be refilled in roughly three minutes.

The Clarity Fuel Cell features a high-output motor with maximum output of 130 kilowatts. When it is combined with the Power Exporter 9000, a portable external power output device, the Clarity Fuel Cell can function as a “power source on wheels” that is capable of supplying roughly seven-days’ worth of electricity for an average household.

In its first year of availability, Honda will lease the vehicle to local government bodies or businesses in Japan. During this period, Honda will collect market data about the use of the Clarity Fuel Cell, as well as the external power output device. Honda eventually plans to sell the vehicle to individual customers.

Honda expects to produce about 200 units for its first year of availability. It plans to introduce the vehicle to Europe and the U.S. before the end of 2016.