Photo courtesy of Amerifleet.

Photo courtesy of Amerifleet.

Vehicle transportation provider Amerifleet has expanded its vehicle transport and hauler program to more quickly and cost-effectively meet customer needs, according to the company.

The program commenced in the middle of 2015 with a new three-car "hot shot" vehicle hauler operating along busy sections in the Northeast.

A second five-car hauler was added in January for the West Coast corridors and is primarily operating on a Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento route.

Three new five-car haulers are on order with delivery expected by late April, and plans to operate out of the Orlando, Philadelphia, and Chicago/South Bend markets. Looking further ahead, the company also plans to add additional equipment in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, as well as more West Coast based units.

The "hot shots" and five-car haulers are smaller than traditional vehicle haulers and help AmeriFleet react more nimbly by allowing one driver to quickly pick up and transport the same number of vehicles it would take a team of drivers to accomplish without the haulers.

AmeriFleet has been aggressively identifying some of their best Class A CDL drivers to operate these new company haulers. Each driver spends four weeks at the National Training Institute in Jacksonville, Fla., to study auto hauling, vehicle loading, and in-depth safety training.