USA Truck has installed LinkeDrive’s PedalCoach mobile application in its fleet of trucks, designed to coach better driving habits to increase fuel efficiency.

The Arkansas-based carrier tested the app in a year-long trial period and concluded that PedalCoach had helped increase fuel efficiency and enhance USA Truck’s existing pay-for-performance program. Based on the results it saw, USA Truck decided to use PedalCoach throughout its fleet.

“LinkeDrive’s pay-for-performance capabilities quickly demonstrated the overall performance of our drivers and helped us make the jobs of our drivers a bit easier while rewarding those who drove in the most fuel-efficient manner,” said Martin Tewari, USA Truck’s president of trucking. “While fuel savings was a key objective for leveraging PedalCoach, its ability to enhance our pay-for-performance capabilities is proving to be significantly positive.”

Using LinkeDrive’s cloud-based platform, PedalCoach gives drivers real-time, adaptive feedback for improving fuel efficiency and safety. The app sets a unique fueling target for each driver that is communicated in a red-yellow-green interface. Drivers earn points for  optimal behaviors and patterns.

Linking the system to USA Truck’s pay-for-performance program allows the company’s drivers to be compensated on their ability to meet pre-established goals related to performance and safety.

LinkeDrive’s PedalCoach application can be deployed on LinkeDrive’s Android device and also integrated on Android-based tablets installed within cabs. Installations take under 15 minutes per truck, according to the company. Fleets can securely access driver and truck analytics to track trends, compare drivers, assess differences in truck models, and evaluate regional and seasonal variances in performance.

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Originally posted on Trucking Info