LeasePlan Corporation N.V. has announced the launch of FlexiPlan, a new offering designed to meet the flexible needs of companies with changing, fluctuating, or short-term mobility needs.

The new solution, FlexiPlan, offers a 1-24 month full-service package for companies that may not know what their long-term mobility needs are, and do not want a long-term contract that requires too much commitment. This mobility solution offers flexibility in contract duration and mileage, an on-demand structure, and does not incur penalties if clients’ mobility needs suddenly change – there are no early termination fees.

LeasePlan said it identified a gap between short-term rental offerings (1-30 days) and longer-term fixed leasing offerings (usually from 24 months onwards), and realized that many companies would prefer the option of a solution that was flexible to their mobility needs. Where traditional operational leasing is based on a fixed-term contract, FlexiPlan gives more flexibility. Simplicity is the key word; simplicity of the product, simplicity during the use of a flexible vehicle, and simplicity when terminating the contract.

“We developed FlexiPlan in order to meet the growing demand for driver mobility solutions as an alternative to the traditional lease product,” said Nick Salkeld, chief commercial officer at LeasePlan. “It is part of our mobility strategy to be the one-stop-shop for all vehicle-related mobility needs, from hours to years. As our clients’ organizations are required to be increasingly flexible in an ever-changing environment, we want to provide solutions that respond to these changes by offering benefits to both clients and drivers.”

FlexiPlan is now available in the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Poland, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. FlexiPlan will be rolled out globally in 2016 across all LeasePlan’s operating companies. LeasePlan manages a fleet of over 1.5 million vehicles worldwide.