Photo courtesy of Agility Fuel Systems.

Photo courtesy of Agility Fuel Systems.

For 2016, Agility Fuel Systems has launched its 160 diesel gallon equivalents Behind-the-Cab compressed natural gas fuel system designed for improved aerodynamics and reduced weight.

The Behind-the-Cab DGE CNG fuel system is mounted up to six inches closer to the cab to improve aerodynamics and leave more available rail space. Weighing 2,150 pounds, the model is also the lightest CNG fuel system of its size that Agility has made.

The system is also designed for durability, featuring an aluminum structure mounted on rubber isolators to reduce stress on components. Its neck-mounted, anti-tank spin design eliminates tank rotation that can stress fuel lines.

It also features Geomet coated fasteners for better corrosion protection and a fast-filling capability.