Rush Enterprises' Momentum Fuel Technologies has revealed a 150 diesel gallon equivalent (DGE) back-of-cab system to its line of compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel systems for Class 6 to Class 8 trucks.

The system mounts between the factory cab extenders with neck-mounted cylinders for improved durability. It features a tested and proven enhanced pressure relief device (PRD), which has eight fast-flow PRDs to allow rapid evacuation of CNG in case of emergency, according to the company.

The 150 dge system also features a new pressure regulator with a high-capacity filter. This allows the system to operate from 3,600 psi when it is full to a minimum of 230 psi, which is an improvement from the previous 450 psi minimum. The filter is larger than most competitive products and designed to be serviced less frequently.

The 150 dge back-of-cab system is geared for over-the-road haulers, and it has the range equivalent to a 160 dge fuel system due its lower operating pressure

The pressure regulator, now a standard for all Momentum products, is designed to reduce leak points and weight.

Another product enhancement is the yellow painting on all high-pressure fuel lines, which makes it easier for techicians to identify.

Originally posted on Work Truck Online