Photo courtesy of Volvo.

Photo courtesy of Volvo.

Volvo Cars is introducing a range of updates for model year 2017, the automaker said, including Pilot Assist II semi-autonomous drive technology.

Pilot Assist II will be standard on the XC90 in selected markets, Volvo said. Introduced first in the new S90 sedan, Pilot Assist II supports drivers up to speeds of 80 mph in well-marked highway conditions.

"The introduction of Pilot Assist II on XC90 is made possible thanks to the modular approach to car building enabled by Volvo's new SPA architecture," Volvo said in a press release.

Volvo has also expanded its safety technology to cover one of the most common causes of single-vehicle accidents. Run-off road mitigation uses auto-steer to help keep drivers on the road.

Additionally, Volvo’s standard collision avoidance system, City Safety, is receiving an update. Large animal detection will be added to 90 Series cars.