Photo courtesy of Riversimple.

Photo courtesy of Riversimple.

United Kingdom-based transportation company Riversimple has developed the Rasa hydrogen fuel-cell prototype, a lightweight two-seater with a range of up to 300 miles.

The Rasa achieves its range on 1.5 kilograms of hydrogen, and features the lowest carbon emissions for any vehicle, according to the company. Its estimated fuel economy is equivalent to 250 mpg and it has a top speed of 60 mph. When in motion, hydrogen passes through the 8.5-kilowatt fuel cell to combine with oxygen to form water and electricity that powers motors positioned in each of its wheels.

Riversimple was able to create the engineering prototype with a £2 million grant from the Welsh government.

The vehicle will be made available on a lease-only deal, and it will have a fixed monthly fee and distance allowance. The company will cover repair, maintenance, insurance, and fuel costs.

Twenty Rasa prototypes will be put on a public 12-month beta trial later this year as part of the continued development of the first full-production model.